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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. right now at noon a lendl legend area match in the making. brady against manning. both vying for a shot at the super bowl. we have closer look at afc champion -- championship game. >> we have the snow out but we are bracing for the cold temperatures. how low the wind chill values will get coming up in the forecast. >> and back home a massachusetts man now free from an iranian prison. his emotional return. >> and developing this noon an officer targeted in ohio police officer found dead behind a town building. the men being questioned by police and what they are saying about the possible motive. >> live from the channel 4
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noon starts right now. a blast of wintry weather the plows out and about this morning working hard as we start this week off with a reminder from mother nature winter. so from the snow this morning to bitter cold moving in it's going to be quite an afternoon am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon thanks for joining us. live look over the city of white. things are calm and the sun is into high gear. let's go over to pamela gardner in who are danielle niles and morning. >> yes we are. we have decent accumulation this morning. that made travel a little tricky but no additional snow expected for quite sometime. norwell here and redding 3 1/2 and 2.6 current temperatures in the 20s by the way logan
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26 now in boston. 25 nashua and 20 in worcester but feels colder with the wind chill pathor. in. real feel boston 14. temperatures continuing to fall by 5:00. overnight tonight, it will be dangerously cold as the winds stays very strong and temperatures fall into the could be below zero. i will have the numbers coming and potentially the next big kathryn. >> so it's good reminder get the latest weather any time with the cbs boston weather app forecast radar and weather alerts free in the google and apple app stores. against manning. they are set to duke it out for in the history books. they have faced off in the playoffs four times.
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the 5th is a tie breaker. susie steimle is live with more and the anticipation is building for sane big game. >> reporter: absolute lay big win on saturday -- absolutely. a big win on saturday and they were hoping for a steelers win as far as fans go and they are moving into stages of acceptance they wanted the home game and they know it's not a possibility so fans are change their tune to one of we will win no matter who we play or where. it's a familiar rivalry, tom playoffs. the two quarterbacks faced off 16 times now. denver is difficult for braidy in the pass and on the the field for win against pittsburgh manning was forced championship. >> it will be the broncos versus patriots and we will enjoy this tonight and i think you knew the answer was coming and kind of quote bill belichick we will be onto new england and i will talking
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>> reporter: patriots fans temporarily rooted for the steelers sunday if pittsburgh one the pats would have played at home. >> i would have liked to have been here. >> reporter: with the option off the the table fans reminisce about saturday. >> i thought they did awesome. it was great to see the offense back what a difference having edelman on the field makes. >> i was nervous and switched the channels because i couldn't watch but i would turn it back for the end and i was reveleling in the excitement. >> reporter: ash -- and expressed complete confidence. >> they are going to whip denver in denver anyway. >> doesn't mat are who they play they are going to win. >> reporter: mat here they play they will win. >> reporter: -- matter who they play they will win. >> reporter: tom braid yea addressed the -- brady addressed the rivalry and doesn't say if he will call manning this week but they have a good friendship they developed over the years. as far as the game he compared it like you put the treadmill on a 10 and you stay on until the very end and are not able to get off.
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best to play their best on sunday. wbz news. >> let's go. wbz is your home for the patriots sunday. we have the action for you live from denver. our coverage starts at noon and the pats and broncos kick off at 3 right here on wbz and the pats are 0-3 in playoff games in denver. 2 1/2 point favorites. noon. morroccan police arrested man is directly linked to the paris terror attacks. according to the authorities he spent time in syria training paris attacks. is not released. other than his initials ja and he is from belgium. police also have not explained his relationship to the paires attacks. today a massachusetts man once held in iranian prison is back home in hinge a.m. returning -- hingham following the prisoner swap.
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>> reporter: good afternoon. matt trevithick was reunited with his family after 40 days in captivity apart from his release was the release of four other americans involved in that prisoner swap between the u.s. and iran. after 40 days in iranian captivity matt trevithick is mass shoots arriving at boston logan airport sunday evening greeted by his mother who told wbz ahead of his return she is grateful. >> we are thrilled that he is out of iran. >> reporter: he was captured while studying at tehran university in a four month intensive language program and was able to speak with his mother over the weekend. >> we are very excited. voice. >> reporter: there were actually two deals brokered by secretary of state john kerry. one of them led to the release of trevithick the other where
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exchange for 7 iranians. >> we are seeing what's diplomacy. >> reporter: a local mother is at home. as for the americans released under the prisoner swap, three remain in germany this afternoon where they will reunite with their families. a fourth has chosen to stay in iran. jacobs wbz news. >> thank you. and today a former fbi agent is missing in iran. robert levinson disappeared more than 8 years ago working in iran as consultant for the cia. he is the longest held american hostage. his family is upset saying their husband and father has been left behind by the u.s. government. >> we were not told in advance. i actually had to turn on the tv to find out what was going on which was really disappointing and i felt betrayed and devastated that i hadn't even received a phone
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>> the family has not seen proof robert say live since 2011. so they believe he is alive and well. the coast guard says they have no plans to call off a search for 12 missing marines including a south shore native the crews were searching after two marine helicopters collided on thursday off the coast of hawaii. debris from the shoppers has -- chapers has been found off oahu corporal christopher orlando from hingham was on board one of the helicopters he is a flight crew chief based in hawaii. an apparent murder-suicide is under investigation. >> and we learned it involves a former police officer officers have been at the home and neighbors and a retired wallet waltham police officer con-- waltham police officers confirm kevin o'connor and his wife jeannine lived at that home in. >> i always lived in waltham
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of. >> you doesn't note situation it could be something you know between you know something happened to push him so far. >> we should note the they arehanding the case off to the middlesex district attorney's office and have not officially released the names of the victims in this case. the search son in chelsea for three men who attacked a woman saturday night on lynn street extension around 9:30. the woman says she was walking home from work when the men jumped her and slashing her. they took her belongings. if you have information police want to hear from you. boston police searching for gunman who shot a man in noon sunday. on faceton street a 30-year-old man was shot three times in a survive. one person is in just i did in the death of an ohio -- in custody in the death of a ohio police officer the officer of officer catrelle was found behind the build willing and
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authorities say the suspect's ex-girlfriend called police saying he was armed and looking to kill an officer. today the nation marks martin luther king day and across the region there are a number of volunteer opportunities look to give back in king's name. this morning the annual martin luther king junior breakfast was at the convention center. numerous politicians attended including mayor walsh and governor charlie baker. >> he represented the very best within us. the ties that bind us together the shared sense of purpose the divine notion that we can do bet he and relent hess spirit that says we must. >> other politician that is headlined the breakfast including senators warren and attorney general. this noon. intensity. the heated exchange between democratic debate. down.
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that no one expected. >> and still breaking records. a week after his death, how
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explosive landing for the space x rocket. the machine from billionaire on a floating barge in california yesterday when it tipped over and exploded. musk says the buildup of ice on one of the four legs kept it from latching and it was returning from delivering a sattelite into space. to campaign 2016. the race is heating up on the democratic side. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders they got into it in last night the's democratic debate. first on topic of health care sarnsd released details on his health care plan -- sanders released details on his health care plan but clinton says we have the affordable care act and faced off on the topics of guns. >> he voted against the brady bill five times. he voted for what we call the charleston loophole.
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makers and sellers which the nra said was the most important years. >> i have supported from day one an instant background check to make certain that people who guns. and that includes people with cram nall -- criminal unstable. >> he is leading in the new hampshire polls and tied with clinton in iowa. a poll gives clinton a 25 point lead over sanders nationally. boston mayor walsh willdeliver the second state of the sit they address tomorrow night it's expected to touch on the economy and public school funding. watch that state of the city address tomorrow at 7:30 right here on wbz. >>ly say this, what a -- i will say this, what a difference a couple can hours makes in terms of the weather. still cold but it was coming down at a good clip and not so much now. >> the sun is out now and we are dealing with some
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>> temperatures not the only thing too. wind is so strong from the west northwest and that it feels there. i will show outwind chills in a minute and we are tracking a chance for our next round of snow in your 7-day. but we have some time to go before we get to all that and weather watcher reports we appreciate hearing what you have in your location. 3 inches of snow randolph and snow. worcester 2 inches berry 1.8 so decent -- derry 1.8 and at the airport 3.1 inches meaning this is finally our first one inch plus storm of the season in boston. and we have made it to third place yesterday it took so long to get to this point but now we are there and it looks like we are going to turn the snow machine on especially into the weekend. so far this season below average in worcester and boston.
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this point in the year 26.7 inches of snow. so far 4.3 inches average 17.6. perspective. current temperatures in the 20s for 24 degrees lawrence 26 boston 20 in worcester and 27 from taunton to chatham but there. feeling more like 14 degrees in boston. real feel temp of 3 in worcester uncomfortable heading out and about this afternoon. we stay cold. hour by hour forecast at one showing you that any heavy snow is going to be well-off shore or actually into northern parts of connecticut here. a few snow streamers developing later this evening and we night see a flurry out of this or two. but most of us dry most of us clear temperatures falling into the upper teens and low 20s but then in the low teens by tuesday morning 7 a.m. and we are looking dry just icy patches expected. real feel forecast for tonight and into tomorrow morning these
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downward. below zero feeling like 2 below in boston by tuesday morning as the kids head back to the bus stop dangerously cold wind chill values and make sure the skin is covered. wind gusts between 25 and 35 miles per hour across the board from the west northwest overnight tonight we have a cod and islands. and northwest winds the same 20 per hour. here are the forecast wind gusts as we continue to clock into tuesday morning 6 a.m. and the wind whipping around from the west at this time pushing 40 miles per hour from the vineyard to chatham and through 6 p.m. on tuesday the wind will be strong in all locations as well. we will stick around and let the you know if the wind advisory is extended at all. here's the 7-day in the meantime. tuesday blustery 22 deceiving sunshine. it's going to look warm but it's not going to be warm. we have more 20s for the end of the week. friday, saturday and sunday, and we are watching closely our first potential nor'easter of the season.
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with this at this point in time. back to you. >> thank you very much we appreciate it. today we are taking a closer look at a special fruit that might seem intimidating but as the fresh grocer tony it tillo -- tantillo shows us you could have a passion for passion fruit. >> reporter: today's tip is with passion fruit that is wonderful. the smell oh, it's powerful and delicious. and as a matter of fact, the one time it was a delicacy very few supermarkets had it but now it's available about anywhere you buy produce and let me tell you if you never tried it you have to try it. when you select it make sure it has a purple color. pretty outside. make sure it is heavy. and color light purple when you cut it open, that's what it looks like on the inside. it may look off but when you get a spoon and dig in there, it.
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the tip of the day. beautiful passion fruit if you never tried it. give it a try and the aroma andflavor is wonderful. i am tony tantillo your fresh grocer eat fresh and stay healthy. well the critics have spoken. >> they have coming up, the big night for hollywood and the very special moment that has everybody talking today. >> and here's what's hot on the
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welcome back. making history. the album black star debuted at number one on billboard 200. that's his first number one in the u.s. he released the am bum from cancer. just two days later. new charge. >> itunes radio no longer going to be free. starting on 28th all of the station except beats one will require a paid apple music subscription which cost 9.99 itunes radio launched three years ago.
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got together for the critics choice award. >> and a film based on boston walked away with a big win. >> and the critics choice for best picture is spotlight. >> big winners of the night was mad max fury road which took home 9 awards including best action movie and best director. bry. ey lawrence for best actress and leonardo dicaprio best actor. the moment of the night 9-year- old the star of the movie room took home best actor he said it was the best day of his life and put award in his room beside his. [audio not understandable] >> i like how they had to bend the mic down for him. >> he is sweet. really cute moment thanking everybody. city's ahead on your mark set go.
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here.
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it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. growing concerns in the u.s. from the zika virus causing babies to be born with development.
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breaks down what to know and whether you should be concerned. a presidential race literally. >> all thanks to the washington nationals. the team held mascot auditions running 40 yards with huge presidential masks on and it proved to be too much for one thomas jefferson who toppled over. don't worry. >> you can do it. >> jefferson got help. oops. little top heavy. >> face plant literally. >> there you go. they were there to help. >> all right. >> that's great. i love it. good time. map brutal cold. >> you can feel it. sometime. 27. overnight falling into the lower teens. and we have the snow out of here might see a couple snowflakes but other than that we keep it dry until next weeks en. >> all ice on -- weekend. >> all ice on the weekend --
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>> join us at 35 and we will see you tomorrow at 4:30.
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